hi guys! i'm officially baaaack to werk here :) i still have my class but i decided to post something short but my "outfit posts" are coming sooooon! so watch out for that ;) for now i'm going to share to you guys my birthday wishes and some of the things that i might get for myself for my birthday! except the "impossible things" like a sleeping MATT LANTER. haha! PS: he's married... to me (i kid, i kid) haha :((

the next thing is not impossible actually if you work for it and if you have the DETERMINATION, PATIENCE, HARD WORK, & DISCIPLINE. ( a candice swanepoel body everyone, i'm sure you know her for her outstanding beauty)

aaaand i might... MIGHT! get one of her books this semester brake because i love lauren and her style and i love that she absolutely know everything about fashion, style, beauty, food, working out, etc! i also spend a LOT of my time just reading her blog :) she is A+ awesome.

a makeup mirror for my birthday pleaaaaaaaaaase! i badly want one, for a girl like me who LOVES makeup.

a celine bag for my birthday would be PERFECT. i was wanting this for the longest time already, i prefer having the black one because it's plain and you can easily pair it with any outfit and your good to go ;) this is the power that this bag has! :)

this is RANDOM but i want my old long wavy hair back. btw this is not my hair i just posted this because i like it haha! and the length reminds me of my old hair and how i used to curl it. :(

OXFORD RED GLITTER SHOES. and yes tswift rocks it ;) i want one too not because taylor has one and i like her style but because the shoes caught my eyes and my heart is yelling "I WANT THAAAT" so yeaaaah.

AND LASTLY A CAT. what can you expect from a cat lover, eh? :) haha! i love my cat sooo much but i want this cat! i believe it's a cricket cat? i'm not really sure but it's hella cute and fluffy and fat! but i still love my cat :) hihi i just want one so that my other cat will have a new playmate.. or lovemate? naaah! :))

aaaand that's all for today's post! i hope you enjoyed knowing my birthday wishes for my birthday, and btw my birthday is on october 23 :) haha stay tuned for more posts! love you guys to the moon and baaack :*


hi! so, it has been months since my last post about my "April Must Haves" and to be honest i wasn't consistent in posting which is so bad. yes i'm a bad blogger. :( i was so stuck in school with all the projects, exams, etc. which i really had no time to blog. but i made a promise to myself to be back on OCTOBER! yes, october because our semester break starts on october 24th :) and i'll be posting a lot of outfits that i have been wearing this past few days. so please bare with me! thankyou for reading this short but with love post! <3

Here's my Links! so we could chat all day err day.. hehe :)

Instagram: itscarinapascual

April Must Haves ♥ (Makeup and Random)

Milani Baked Bronzer: Glow

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara. it looks like you're wearing false lashes ;)

YSL's different lovely shades.

OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine

Sally Hansen salon effect nail polish strips are so adorable. this is one of my favorite because it's fast and easy and it's cute.

Bath & Body Works First Bloom, smells AMAZING. so this is it for my april must haves hope you enjoyed it! and F.Y.I i decided to do this every end of the month :) xoxo

Happiest Place On Earth

This post is going to be quiet long, this post is about our trip to Disneyland. it was so fun and unforgetable! we met them at the train station, they were so friendly to us that they helped us on how to get to disneyland. horay for friendly people in Hongkong! 0/528491_4834785321741_1886244504_n.jpg" /> their Christmas Tree! My sister first stop! :) hakuna matata my friend :) THIS WAY to Toy Story Land :) hahaha! we have the ugliest face ever here! cant stop laughing at this picture. RC Racer was so scary guys,not a child friendly ride but must try! we ate our Lunch here, they have yummy food here ;) Aurora so Pretty! aloha! Tink is soooo Bubbly! and ofcourse the Original! i just had to guys i was starstrucked hahaha :D minnie being minnie :) then we visited It's a Small World when you visit hongkong disneyland, this place is a must! the Gang!:) and we're ready! haha :) haha! we are so scared of this ride, makes me wanna take a piss! it's already night time+ it's so high + its so cold and that's why! but when your up it's a bit scary but to be true it's really scary but the view is just AMAZING. daddy had to! he loves Toy Story :) night time at Toy Story Land look! he said hi when i called his name! haha :) AAAAND that's it for this post! i told you it's going to be long :)