i am a christian and i am proud of it. my dad is a pastor for 21 years already, i was taught to become a good girl and to become responsible for everything i do, everything i decide in life. even though i really love fashion i am still a believer of Christ and that will never change, ever. i will always be a christian. i know i should be posting photos of what i wear and to inspire you but i just wanna share this with you just to let you know that i am proud to be a christian :)

Boho Love

Who doesn't love these kind of skirts? :) i mean they have a awesome prints on them! perfect for summer ;)i paired it with bright colors too add some contrast in this outfit! hope you like my outfit :)

Sweetness In Dress

i do love this dress, it is so cute and sophisticated and by pairing it with these lovely heels and your good to go! keep reading my blog and be inspired! i love you! xoxo.

Its Just The Beginning

HI!!! :) i have been thinking about making my own blog since i was 12. yes, 12. haha, i am that ambitious. LOL. i do hope people would start to discover me as a young fashion blogger and to inspire you girls not to be afraid in styling yourselves and be confident of what your wearing! here is my very first photo, dont you just love corsets? especially when they are floral! and you could combine it with harem pants and nude heels and your ready to go! :) i