Happiest Place On Earth

This post is going to be quiet long, this post is about our trip to Disneyland. it was so fun and unforgetable! we met them at the train station, they were so friendly to us that they helped us on how to get to disneyland. horay for friendly people in Hongkong! 0/528491_4834785321741_1886244504_n.jpg" /> their Christmas Tree! My sister first stop! :) hakuna matata my friend :) THIS WAY to Toy Story Land :) hahaha! we have the ugliest face ever here! cant stop laughing at this picture. RC Racer was so scary guys,not a child friendly ride but must try! we ate our Lunch here, they have yummy food here ;) Aurora so Pretty! aloha! Tink is soooo Bubbly! and ofcourse the Original! i just had to guys i was starstrucked hahaha :D minnie being minnie :) then we visited It's a Small World when you visit hongkong disneyland, this place is a must! the Gang!:) and we're ready! haha :) haha! we are so scared of this ride, makes me wanna take a piss! it's already night time+ it's so high + its so cold and that's why! but when your up it's a bit scary but to be true it's really scary but the view is just AMAZING. daddy had to! he loves Toy Story :) night time at Toy Story Land look! he said hi when i called his name! haha :) AAAAND that's it for this post! i told you it's going to be long :)

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