hi guys! i'm officially baaaack to werk here :) i still have my class but i decided to post something short but my "outfit posts" are coming sooooon! so watch out for that ;) for now i'm going to share to you guys my birthday wishes and some of the things that i might get for myself for my birthday! except the "impossible things" like a sleeping MATT LANTER. haha! PS: he's married... to me (i kid, i kid) haha :((

the next thing is not impossible actually if you work for it and if you have the DETERMINATION, PATIENCE, HARD WORK, & DISCIPLINE. ( a candice swanepoel body everyone, i'm sure you know her for her outstanding beauty)

aaaand i might... MIGHT! get one of her books this semester brake because i love lauren and her style and i love that she absolutely know everything about fashion, style, beauty, food, working out, etc! i also spend a LOT of my time just reading her blog :) she is A+ awesome.

a makeup mirror for my birthday pleaaaaaaaaaase! i badly want one, for a girl like me who LOVES makeup.

a celine bag for my birthday would be PERFECT. i was wanting this for the longest time already, i prefer having the black one because it's plain and you can easily pair it with any outfit and your good to go ;) this is the power that this bag has! :)

this is RANDOM but i want my old long wavy hair back. btw this is not my hair i just posted this because i like it haha! and the length reminds me of my old hair and how i used to curl it. :(

OXFORD RED GLITTER SHOES. and yes tswift rocks it ;) i want one too not because taylor has one and i like her style but because the shoes caught my eyes and my heart is yelling "I WANT THAAAT" so yeaaaah.

AND LASTLY A CAT. what can you expect from a cat lover, eh? :) haha! i love my cat sooo much but i want this cat! i believe it's a cricket cat? i'm not really sure but it's hella cute and fluffy and fat! but i still love my cat :) hihi i just want one so that my other cat will have a new playmate.. or lovemate? naaah! :))

aaaand that's all for today's post! i hope you enjoyed knowing my birthday wishes for my birthday, and btw my birthday is on october 23 :) haha stay tuned for more posts! love you guys to the moon and baaack :*

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