Hong Kong day 1

after riding the BIG BUS TOUR we went back to harbour city for the a night view
harbour city is our first stop after leaving our things in our hotel. we just changed our clothes to be more comfortable and cozy because it was so freaking cold in kowloon.
it was still kinda silent and empty because we arrived at 1am but we slept at the hk airport to wait for the bus at 5:30 am. but in this picture it was 5:45 am something.
YAAAAY! we finally landed in hk :)after 2 hours of sitting and waiting :P
and duh i wont leave DAVAO without bringing this to book to me! and this saved me from being bored the whole flight. I love this book :)
how cute is cake! i dont even wanna eat it but i have to eat this cute cake cause i was so hungry.
Ofcourse i wouldnt let this very hot day pass without drinking anything that i cold! i love this it's so yummy!
before we went to hongkong our first stop is CEBU. we landed in cebu at 11 in the morning, since our next flight going to HK is still 11pm in the evening we decided to stay at SM cebu city.