Simplicity with a pop ♥

actually i am attending a birthday party but i decided to go simple but add a pop of color which you can see is my spike bracelets which adds a pop of color to my simple outfit :)
Artwork shirt
Bazaar Spike Bracelets
Kikay shop necklace
And who can ever forget to wear TOMS in a lazy day? common'! this shoes is so comfy, easy to wear and can match a casual outfit like mine and is light weight! :)
TOMS shoes
Colour Collection lipstick
If ever you were wondering what color the lipstick i was wearing it's called "rose mink"
What do you think about my look?


Lastly is SCARVES. aztec prints are in right now, just sayin' haha :)
SWEATERS are a MUST HAVE. it keeps you warm and cozy. especially if you have mickey sweater which really makes you look more cooler and very cute! :)
This candle is AWESOME guys, seriously. Perfect candle for fall and very relaxing. i am a huge fan of smelling yummy things just like this LEAVES CANDLE :)
BABY LIPS!!! OHYEAH OHYEAH OHYEAH :) i reaaaally love BABY LIPS by MABELLINE. this are with different flavors and colors and one of the best lip balm ;)
I also like this MOUSSON EYESHADOW by NARS
i really love mabelline especially this eye palette PERFECTS FOR FALL, the colors of this are so FALL-ISH if you ask me :)
Mabelline has new products and is very perfect for fall it feels so light in your skin. it's called TOUCH OF LIGHT LUMINIZING FACE GLOW.
we can never forget about BOOTS in fall! this is one of the important must haves in fall because you can never go wrong with RIDING BOOTS, you can pair it with jeggings, or tights this fall which is really perfect.
This really like this mascara from BENEFIT called THEY'RE REAL!
I also recommend this blush by BENEFIT called SUGARBOMB this perfect also for the fall.
I TOTALLY LOVE THESE RED VELVET SHOES BY DR. MARTENS but dr. martens shoes are expensive but you can also find these Dr. martens-Ish shoes in H&M in more cheaper price.
I also love these christian louboutin zebra shoes :)
MOCCASINS are so in right now! i mean, who doesn't love moccasins? they're comfy and fashionable at the same time! perfect for fall :)especially the fluffy material inside is absolutely AMAZING.


i am a christian and i am proud of it. my dad is a pastor for 21 years already, i was taught to become a good girl and to become responsible for everything i do, everything i decide in life. even though i really love fashion i am still a believer of Christ and that will never change, ever. i will always be a christian. i know i should be posting photos of what i wear and to inspire you but i just wanna share this with you just to let you know that i am proud to be a christian :)

Boho Love

Who doesn't love these kind of skirts? :) i mean they have a awesome prints on them! perfect for summer ;)i paired it with bright colors too add some contrast in this outfit! hope you like my outfit :)

Sweetness In Dress

i do love this dress, it is so cute and sophisticated and by pairing it with these lovely heels and your good to go! keep reading my blog and be inspired! i love you! xoxo.

Its Just The Beginning

HI!!! :) i have been thinking about making my own blog since i was 12. yes, 12. haha, i am that ambitious. LOL. i do hope people would start to discover me as a young fashion blogger and to inspire you girls not to be afraid in styling yourselves and be confident of what your wearing! here is my very first photo, dont you just love corsets? especially when they are floral! and you could combine it with harem pants and nude heels and your ready to go! :) i